Partners and Supporters

Laser Spectacular is the long running smash hit multi-media laser and light show featuring the recordings of Pink Floyd. Laser Spectacular carries listeners away on a mind-expanding journey, driven by cutting-edge effects, high-powered lasers, and large screen video projection, all choreographed to the masterful soundtrack.

We're grateful to the show for helping with some tickets for our campers! 

GigaParts Huntsville is a full service computer and amateur radio store. Our PC department stocks the latest components for upgrading your PC, building your own PC, or having us build one for you. Thanks to our Just-In-Time inventory management system, you will receive the latest technology at competitive prices from GigaParts. 

We're grateful to the leadership of GigaParts for their creativity in helping us source awesome value PC Laptops for our campers to use.

Monte Sano State Park is located near Huntsville in northeast Alabama. In Spanish, Monte Sano means “Mountain of Health.” In the late 1800s, visitors from across the United States came for “the season” to experience and enjoy Monte Sano’s fresh air, spectacular views and mineral springs.

We're grateful to the Monte Sano State Park team for their cheery hellos at the gate and for all the work they do. Period. 

The Von Braun Astronomical Society is a non profit organization of professional and amateur astronomers who share their love of space with the community using their historic planetarium and observatories located in Monte Sano State Park.

We're grateful to VBAS for trusting us with their facilities to run our camps.