Laser Camp Activities

An Average Day

Laser Camp runs from 8:30am to 4:30pm. We may be able to accommodate time beyond these hours - ask us.

A typical day will have a mix of; 

Towards the end of the week as the camper familiarity with the software grows, more of the time is focussed on the laser show production.

Skills Needed

Campers should have some familiarity with using a computer keyboard, trackpad/mouse. Familiarity with Windows is also a plus. Each camper will be issued with their own laptop so no sharing is needed.

Campers will need to be respectful of others and their instructors and not engage in physically or verbally abusive behaviors. They will need to be able to listen and follow directions.

Campers will need to be respectful of all the equipment at camp and their physical surroundings. They will be reminded of the Laser Safety protocols each day.

Lunch and Snacks

Campers are welcome to bring their own packed lunch, however a basic lunch IS INCLUDED that campers help to make!

Campers get to choose from a variety of sandwich fillings  such as nutella, PB&J, ham, turkey, cheese etc.,. and make their own sandwiches. If we have a camper with a peanut allergy we will replace the peanut butter.

Snacks include fruit, crackers, fruit gummies, cookies, chips, string cheese, yoghurt squeezes and more. 

Beverages include water, chocolate milk, milk, apple juice and fruit punch drinks.