Is Laser Camp safe?

The first and primary instruction of LASER CAMP is laser safety.  The hands-on lasers used by the students in LASER CAMP science experiments are all .5mW and are considered safe.

LASER CAMP performances use a high-powered Class IV laser which requires an official variance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and laser safety training of the key operator. Audio Visual Imagineering, Inc. (AVI), the producer of LASER CAMP, trains the LASER CAMP leaders and obtains the necessary variance. 

AVI has worked with the FDA for over 45 years and has maintained an unblemished laser safety record. You can find out more about AVI on the ABOUT US page. 

You can read more about laser safety at the International Laser Display Association Laser Safety Website here.

Who are the instructors?

You can find out more about us on the About page.

How much does Laser Camp cost?

As this is our first year running laser camp, we are pricing it at $400 for 830am-430pm, including lunch and snacks.

What ages is Laser Camp for?

Laser Camp is designed for rising fifth graders (~11yrs) and up. It may be possible to take a slightly younger child if they are experienced with using a computer and self confident among older campers.

Can adults/parents do Laser Camp?

If a parent or caregiver wanted to do Laser Camp alongside their camper, we would consider that on a case by case basis, looking at the overall composition of that session. As they would be taking up a spot, they would have to pay the same fee. 

How many campers are in each session?

Laser Camp is small. Only ten campers and two instructors for each weekly session. This is to allow for the one on one time that is required when learning the software, as well as to maintain a safe environment. 

What should my camper bring to Laser Camp?

We recommend that your camper dress comfortably with layers, suitable for sitting and working at a computer or running around outside. 

Sunscreen and bug spray will be available at camp, but if your camper wishes to use a specific product, please supply them in a backpack labeled with your campers name.

Closed toed shoes are recommended as we will be outside at times and the ground can be uneven. 

Campers will want to bring their own headphones to plug into the laptop to listen to their songs. There will be some spares available if they are forgotten.

Water and other beverages and snacks are provided, but if your camper wishes to bring their own - or to bring their own lunch items, please put them in a bag clearly labeled with the campers name.

My camper has special needs. Can you accommodate them?

Please reach out to us to discuss your campers needs. Campers generally need to have some visual and hearing ability as well as the ability to coordinate their hands for typing and drawing. Please note that the laser beam can be slightly stroboscopic and may not be appropriate for someone with epilepsy or other visually triggered disorders.

The Monte Sano location cannot accommodate a wheelchair or significant mobility challenges. 

We can accommodate neurodivergent campers provided that they do not have challenges with sitting at a computer for periods of time, and are able to listen and follow the instructors. Non verbal or using an assistive device is fine, as is wearing headphones. 

Safety is paramount and we will not allow a camper on site who could compromise our ability to maintain a secure and safe environment. 

All campers will be evaluated on a case by case basis, taking into account the composition of the session and any other with special needs who have already signed up.

My camper has allergies or needs medicines. Can you accommodate them?

Please reach out to us to discuss your campers needs. 

We are not medical professionals and cannot assume any liability for you child taking their medications. 

Please let us know about food allergies so we can adjust the lunch/snacks as needed. 

As the Monte Sano location is in a park, if your camper has an allergy to stings, please supply an epipen. 

We have access to basic first aid supplies and will handle minor scrapes etc.,. that can happen during outdoor play.

Will I have to pay the Park Fee (Monte Sano State Park)?

Campers going to Laser Camp at Monte Sano State Park will be send a parking pass to print out. This must be shown to the gate guard to obtain access to the park to drop off and pick up your camper. Please be sure to observe the 15mph speed limit and be mindful of other hikers, cyclists and campers. Do consider becoming a Monte Sano State Park member - it is a gorgeous location!

Can I invite other relatives and friends to the final performance?

Depending on the capacity of the location, campers will be told how many friends and family they can invite for the final performance of the Laser Show. With ten campers, if each brings family, this will be quite a crowd! We are considering doing an end of season performance to raise funds for scholarships for future Laser Camps which may be an opportunity for further friends to see how cool the show is!