Alex Hall

Alex has been engaged in informal science education for more than three decades. A former science center CEO, children's science book author, and current mom to a rising fifth grader, Alex has taught all ages about physics, space, aviation and just being curious about everything!

Alex used to present laser shows in the mid 1990's in a planetarium in Florida and has a lot of fond memories of the marriage of music and vivid art. Alex authored the curriculum for Laser Camp, and loved the concept so much, she decided she had to run one in her home town. You can find out more about Alex here. 

Michael Buford

Michael Buford is a Huntsville native with a lifelong love for Astronomy. He graduated from UAH in 2018 with a BA in Psychology and minor in Management & Leadership. 

He worked at the US Space and Rocket Center as an Astronomy & General Space Camp Presenter for three years, and is currently a private tutor for all ages. 

Known for his empathetic approach, organizational skills and wit, Michael is the current President of the Von Braun Astronomical Society, a planetarium instructor, and also functions as the Membership Secretary.

Audio Visual Imagineering

AVI developed the vision for Laser Camp and have been working with lasers worldwide for over forty years. They provide the laser safety training, equipment and support for Laser Camps across the country.